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Stepping Thru Doors & Gates


Just about every facility has a door or gate that can either welcome us into a building or act as a hindrance — and even one small item can make the difference. The requirements now vary depending upon the type of entry and whether it is swinging, sliding, or just an opening. There are automatic, semi-automatic, and power-assist doors which have further requirements over and above manual doors. As always, the approach has impact on the spatial parameters. In this seminar we will learn how to master all of these requirements to create welcoming entries to buildings and spaces.


  • Understand the different door types and their requirements
  • Review clear floor space requirements dependent upon approach and door/opening type
  • Learn about hardware and specifications for the door itself
  • Overview different specialty doors and their parameters

typically 3½ hours for the full seminar, or 3 hours (no signs)