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Stepping Thru Signage & What Makes It Accessible


One of the more important elements for navigating thru our built environment is signage, whether interior or exterior. It often appears to be an entirely different language separate from architecture and is relegated to a corner or an after-thought. But signage is something that affects all of us. With this in-depth look at sign types and their components, we will be better abled to integrate signage into our language of architecture.


  • Understand signage in general and various installation requirements
  • Review the different sign types and what elements each is comprised of
  • Learn the various sign component pieces and their technical requirements
  • Overview methods to incorporate signage specifications into construction document sets

typically 2½ hours for the full seminar or 2 hours for the condensed version

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“Thank you. I sat in during the seminar and it was fantastic. The sound was clear and you re-asked the questions so the webinar folks understood. The back and forth with the audience was lively but to the point. I just wanted to send a note and thank you again – your draw is huge, expertise on point, and I can’t thank you enough.”

– Eric Sifuentes, CASp, Nacht & Lewis

“I have always enjoyed and been highly interested in your publications and seminars over the years. Your publications are required reading by all my staff and are a given contribution to the success of our designs.”

– Craig R. Smith AIA, CRSA Architecture

“Janis is our go-to person whenever issues requiring interpretation of CBC/ADA arise. She is knowledgable, thorough and being an architect herself helps her better understand the challenges we face implementing the ever more detailed accessibility requirements.”

–Ron Bernhardt, AIA Retail Design Collaborative

I’ve found that the seminars and webinars that Stepping Thru Accessibility offers are the most comprehensive and of the highest quality available. I have always gained very useful and practical information on a wide range of accessibility topics with Janis’s seminars/webinars; highly recommended for anyone with an interest in accessibility.

–Matthew O’Brien, Architect, CASp