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Stepping Thru The Existing Building – Access Within & Without

Helms Design Center, Culver City, CA
8745 Washington Blvd
Culver City , United States
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An overview of existing buildings for public entities & places of public accommodation per ADAS and CBC from Barrier Removal to Program Accommodation including Alteration requirements whether or not construction is scheduled

  •  Understand differences between Public Facilities and Places of Public Accommodation
  •  Review the distinctions between Program Accessibility vs Barrier Removal and their impact
  • Learn about Proportional Spending and Disproportionality with its application to Path of Travel requirements
  • Overview Safe Harbor and when it can or can not be applied to existing elements


The nature of our practice has changed with a higher proportion of renovation and re-use. Under the ADA Standards the there are differing requirements for new construction versus alteration. Since these are federal laws local public agencies can only offer limited direction. We will review criteria for existing facilities in regard to scoping to acquire a better sense of the implications of the law and how it applies. We will cover a range of concepts such as Program Accommodation vs Barrier Removal, Proportional Spending, Safe Harbor, and Path of Travel obligations.


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Concerned About Accessibility?

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