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Stepping Thru Accessible Public Multi-Family Residential Facilities – In-Person and Live Webinar

Cerritos College OR Online via LIVE WEBINAR
11111 New Falcon Way
Cerritos, CA 90703 United States
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Multi-family housing is one of the more complex building types. Depending on when the facility was built and where the funds come from and who oversees the project, you can have a multitude of different regulations. In an overview and a scoping sense we will review the ADA Standards, the FHA, UFAS, and California Building Codes both 11A and 11B and compare the requirements for each. We will also touch upon alterations and transition plans and how this affects different types of multi-family housing projects.


A broad overview of the different regulations and codes that have impact on multi-family housing and how they interface with each other

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand overall jurisdictions that have requirements for multi-family housing projects
  2. Review differences in the scoping between the different agencies and CA senior citizens housing
  3. Learn about some of the different dwelling unit requirements dependent upon the regulations
  4. Overview approaches for new construction versus existing as well as alterations
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