Consulting Services

  • Navigate the intricacies of California Building Code and Federal ADAS for Accessibility concerns
  • Research, analysis, and review of questions and determinations on Access issues
  • STA surveys facilities and provides detailed reports of items in non-compliance with today’s accessibility standards for the built environment
  • CASp reports issued once correction schedules are adequately addressed
  • Review and evaluation of construction drawings for new buildings and alterations to verify if accessibility requirements are adequately addressed
  • Topical seminars for architects, facilities and property managers, interior designers, landscape, civil engineers, & others involved in the built environment
  • Property Assessment Reports based on the ADA or California Building Codes to support due diligence in overall property analysis
  • Litigation support services related to Access
Concerned about Accessibility?

Our expertise can help you formulate a plan to address issues, avoid problems, and get educated.

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Concerned About Accessibility?

“I have always enjoyed and been highly interested in your publications and seminars over the years. Your publications are required reading by all my staff and are a given contribution to the success of our designs.”

– Craig R. Smith AIA, CRSA Architecture